Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lighthouse G.H.

Lighthouse Guest House is located close to the famous Night bazaar of Chiangmai and close to Chiangmai Gate (south side of the ancient city)where Saturday Night market is located and not very far from famous Sunday Night market as well. It is also 15 minutes Chiangmai International Airport and Airport Plaza by taxi.
We are now only with fan room price 300 - 350 baht/ room
with 2 people can stay there and 100 baht for extra mattress (on the
floor). We now got only 8 fan rooms furnished and ready for guest. But
hope to turn 2 of the room to air-condition by next month. And it would be 500 - 550 for air-condition room. Each of the room is with bathroom and western toilet and hot shower, wireless internet is available and able to access from every room and at the
main living room and it is 50 baht/ day if you bring your own
notebook. But if you want to use our computer it is 20 Baht/hour. We
can arrange pick up and drop off from any arrival, airport , bus
station or train station and it is 150 baht/ pick up. Breakfast could
be arrange and it is 80/person.The laundry is 20 baht / kilo to wash and dry only. If need to iron,please informed us.

Welcome to Lighthouse Guest House

Our Twin rooms

Our double bed rooms

The Western toilets with hot shower

The living room - hang out area.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lighthouse Guesthouse

Lighthouse Guest House is a place for friends and family in Christ who come to visit Chiangmai. It's a Christian Guest house run by Thai Christian.
we would like to recommend the newly opened "Lighthouse" guesthouse, which exists to serve short-term outreach teams needing an affordable place to stay in Chiang Mai. Also great for some break time for missionary or any Christian friends who has been on the field and would like to visit Chiangmai and have some time with the Lord. The guest house is not far from Night Bazaar, closer to Chiangmai Gate and Tapae Gate where main activity is locate through out the year. The Director is a Thai Christian who has excellent English and many years of experience as a translator and guide for outreach teams throughout Thailand . She is also a licensed tour guide. This 10-bedroom, 10-bath guesthouse is located just a couple blocks off of Chang Klan Rd near the Empress Hotel and Lanna Palace Hotel on Changklan Rd. of Chiangmai, please call at 081-111-3979. or e-mail at lighthousethai@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Journey...chapter2

This is what is going on with me. As I have been around and working with YWAM for almost 10 years.... most of the time I helped with DTS and short term teams and traveling to study YWAM classes... and all these years I can say that it was God alone who helped me and kept me going... as He has been showing me that He has called me
with a unique calling, through DTS (Colo Spgs)- SOSM (Colo Spgs)- SOTB (Tyler,TX) it was a miracle for me to attend all that classes and traveling around the world.All of that it was just like any others YWAMers - through friends who know me along the way had supported me and I really learn a lesson of faith. But deep in my heart I know there is more that the Lord wants me to pursue. The last 5 - 6 years since I have been back from the US and serve with DTS my financial support had drop to almost nothing left, even there are still some people who faithfully supporting me. So that's really make me struggling so had inside, if I should be in YWAM - to do what I love to do orgo out in the secular world to work. I have been trying to work as a tour agent and tour guide for the last few years - hoping that it would be able to help me stay in YWAM- but things not always easy for me. Some understand what I am doing some don't - that's really discouraging to me. But I know in my heart that I need to be around for little longer. As a Thai person - with a heart believing that God has called me to this mission (not sure for how long) so that 's why I still around. I felt like the Lord used SOTB(School of the Bible) to teach me and help me to know the word of God for me and for Thailand better. When I spend time with the word of God, I go so much revelation. and He confirm to me that I am also part of the Kingdom. To step out and step up with faith is something not easy for me to pursue. I have so much dreams and visions I would like to do but lack of support of knowledge and financial, it's really hinder me and many other Thais to try to pursue our calling. Last few months I heard a quote saying "It's easier for God to redirect the moving object" that's really encourage me to make a move to pursue what I felt in my heart God leading me to do without fear. Last month when I was in Norway (by the grace of God) one day when I spend time with God alone in my cabin I was on Internet and came across my friend skype quote saying "Vision without action is a day dream" that's is also confirm what I felt the Lord was speaking to me before. When I came back to Thailand I was looking around Chiangmai for a building actually I was looking for a 3 stories building- hoping to set it up to be a coffee shop on the first floor - my tour office on the 2nd floor and hope to set a 3rd floor for the short term teams to stay. But Jay & Andrea suggested me to look at the building they found, it's a 10 bed rooms with bathrooms and 2 story building. When I looked at it, I got so excited but I try not to get too excited because I know when that's happen to me I would not think.... instead I prayed and spend time with God for a week, and the 2 phrase that God spoke to me came back to me again - I felt like He confirmed to me again to believe and these 2 sentences came up over and over again. So I took a step of faith last Wednesday, went to put the deposit down for the building, without having enough money to furnished it to be a guest house. I believe that this will be a beginning of a big things God wants me to pursue. I will set up the place to be a guest house for short term teams - friends in YWAM - Chirstian friends and others. I want to provide a safe environment for people to stay. I would like it to be the Outreach Department office and the tour office, by hoping that it would be able to gain some financial benefit to maintain the building and support the staffs and ministry in the future. I need at least 3000 - 5000 $ in less than 2 weeks now to get it running, it's scary to think about it but when I heard the story of "Walking by faith" as a Thai, this things really challenge me so much right now.
Some people told me "Why don't you take a lone from the bank?" As a YWAMer, I never have bank statement or credit card because I have nothing to prove to them I earn any money. Some say "Why don't you use your saving?" if you get support about 100$ a month some month less and some month little more, how you would do a saving? So this is a small step I am taking and I would like to invite you to pray for me, I don't think I ever ask anyone here like this before. But this is the most courage I have I put it here, if you have friends and family members who would like to help me start this thing and get it going, which I think I would need help at least a year also. Please let me know... please call or e-mail me. I have tried to walk alone with God for the last 10 years, now I open it up for you who might know me just a little or you might know me just "hello" and "good bye" if you want to know me more, please come talk to me. I believe I will be a first of the Thai who follow the vision God given, and I believe that other Thais will have more courage when they see me doing it and believe that would encourage them to step out. Would you join me in prayers to see this come through.
As God spoke to me during the time I was in Norway and during my time with Him for 40 days and 40 night, there are two sentence really spoke to me. I was in one of the seminar and I was just a translator but I like what he said "It's easer for God to re-direct moving object" I have dreams and vision that I believe God is the one who put it in my heart. I would like to make impact to people in Chiangmai. I used to pray this prayer "God take me to the un-reach people, who never heard your name before" I didn't think it would be in my home country.... Even though Chiangmai has a lot of missionary (seems like it) but very few of them working with people in this town. Most of the people heading up the mountain and neighboring country, but I feel called to the people in Chiangmai city... The Thai people. But how could a Thai like me do something like that? Where would I raise support for what I would do? Who would stand by me in this vision.? How long would it take for me to start something like this? As a Thai person, I had many mentality and idea that really try to get me quit. But one day during my time in Norway, while I was spending time with the Lord and had time alone. I had a time of prayers and intercession with friends in SOTB through skype. Somehow that day I look at few difference friends skype name and my eyes came across the quote that one of my friend had in her profile said "Vision without action is a day dream" So these two sentences really connect to each other to me.
Please continue to pray for me and I would like to invite you to take this journey with me. I would like to see this building to be a well known place for everyone that we are Christian guest house and we are the place where outsiders can feel difference when they come in. And more than that, we want to reach out to our neighbors as well.. As we are in the Night Brazar area and there are clubs and bars close by, hopefully we can be friends to them. And help them to know our God better. "The sick need doctor the well do not need" But we need to be a light to this dark world. I felt like this thing need to start somewhere... and I now start... I do not know what is ahead of me, but I believe this journey God is with me.
Isaiah 43:18-19 is confirming to me over and over again.... the Lord is doing something new today.